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What Members Are Saying


“Joe Caruso’s concept about The Power of Losing Control absolutely establishes the basis for individual and organizational transformation. I believe Caruso is on the brink of leading corporate America through a shift in approach that hasn’t been seen since the ’7 Habits.’”

— Rick Vlasic, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, O/E Learning

“I had a unique experience reading the book – it felt like I was having a profound conversation with the author for the past few months. It has been very powerful during this transitional phase of my life.”

— Steven Yu, Artist and Entrepreneur

“Life altering! The Power of Losing Control is probably the most influential book I have read in my adult quest for balancing life and management challenges. It completely changed the way I interacted with others. It helped focus my energy so I could become more understanding of life’s dynamics and ultimately become more organizationally effective. This book should be on everyone’s Top 10 read list.”

—L.R. Hering Sr., RADM, USN, Retired

“As a mother of a blended family with seven children as well as a dynamic career in education technology and publishing, I understand what it means to feel out of control. Joe Caruso has given me the most practical advice on how to understand, accept and manage myself. I’ll never forget, ‘I have power in it, but no control over it.’ Great stuff that just works … ”

— Christine Willig, President, School (PreK-12), McGraw-Hill Education Group

“The Power of Losing Control carries a message that never goes out of style. From my first encounter with Joe Caruso in 1996, I have been asking him to share his story with all management levels within Hyatt Hotels Corporation. The stories and personal experiences are told with such passion and sincerity that he is sure to capture the attention of any audience. I find myself relating business and personal situations to specific chapters of the book.  A great read and as important an even better re-read!!”

— Gus Vonderheide, Vice President Sales, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

“This extraordinary book speaks to the soul of the human endeavor and from the heart of an extraordinary survivor, human being and friend.  We should all learn how to lose control and reap the benefits.  Thank you Joe for sharing your life with us!”

— Michael A. Giorgione, Energy Market Leader, RBF Consulting (RADM, USN, Retired)

“I want to thank you for your message and book (which I am savoring). I was able to recommend your book to a young testicular cancer patient and he was so appreciative.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, thus helping us to better serve our patients.  Keep up the good work.”

— Nancy Oliver, Oncology Nursing Society Event Participant

“Joe Caruso’s story in the Power of Losing Control is inspirational on a personal level and transformative from a professional perspective. Joe lays out a compelling case that says the way we view the world around us and how we respond to our perceptions are deeply intertwined with achieving personal fulfillment and success in business. People and organizations that can adapt and change, thrive in today’s complex world. The Power of Losing Control is a personal GPS to navigate that complexity. This book is a must read for anyone interested in personal and professional growth.”

— Chuck Amos, CEO, The Amos Group, LLC

“Absolutely life changing!”
— Marilyn Bannon, World Heritage Foundation

“Joe provides a simple and compelling approach to finding our real power in a world we can’t control.  The powerful combination of his personal story and corporate insights can drive sustainable change throughout an organization. This is a true road map for anyone seeking transformational change in their personal and professional lives.”

— Barbara Beck, Executive Vice President, North “America, Manpower, Inc.

“Changing one’s perspective can be the key to enhancing personal and corporate performance. This book will help you enrich your personal life and unlock new opportunities when guiding the growth of companies in this fast paced and ever changing business climate.”

— Paul Bisaro, Executive Chairman, Allergan

“The biggest challenge in helping an organization make a transition is getting the top people to transition themselves. I’ve watched Joe Caruso get high powered, successful, smart and self-assured people to listen and even change their minds. This makes him a CEO’s greatest asset.”

— Alex Burkulas, CEO, Cygnus Systems

“I heard Joe speak to the Michigan Society of Association Executives…His themes included the ideas that “Nobody likes me. They like themselves when they’re with me” and “Everybody is always right.” Those two simple concepts have affected of all my relationships every day since I heard them.”

— Sharlan Douglas, Marketing & Public Relations Consultant, Douglas Communications Group

“Almost five years ago I purchased a copy of Joe’s book translated to Portuguese.  Since then I have been practicing his guidelines day by day and I have been giving Joe´s book as a “gift” for my friends, colleagues and family.”

— E.G., Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Solid, doable stuff that really works!”

— George Helmstead, Metro Detroit Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Joe Caruso offers powerful insight that are straightforward and easy to put to work in our everyday life to create meaningful change.”

— Gerald G. Jampolsky, author of Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All and Love Is Letting Go of Fear

“As a former Vice President of Human Resources for a major automotive supplier, training and culture changes were a big part of my job. I’ve studied Joe Caruso and his techniques. I’ve interviewed and worked with his clients. And I’ve personally employed his methods and concepts. When it comes to culture change, I’m convinced there’s no better guy in the country than Joe Caruso.”

— Marilyn Opdyke, President of The Opdyke Group

“The Power of Losing Control” has served as a great platform for years for us at the bank. From the executive VP’s to the part-time tellers, you’ve helped my people define what they can control, let go of what they can’t, and find their power in the process. I get excited and a little proud every time I hear that another member of YPO has brought you in to work with their organization. I really believe that ’The Power of Losing Control’ will put you in the leagues of Steven Covey.”

— Bob Taylor, Former CEO/President, Charter Bank

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