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“Changing one’s perspective can be the key to enhancing personal and corporate performance. . . . (Caruso Leadership Institute) will help you enrich your personal life and unlock new opportunities when guiding the growth of companies in this fast paced and ever changing business climate.”

— Paul Bisaro, Executive Chairman, Allergan

“Joe has been a tremendous friend and advisor to me personally and to our command. His values and principles of what you can and can’t control ring true in any situation and organization and provided me with the guidance and constancy of purpose that I needed.”

— Michael Giorgione, Rear Admiral, United States Navy (Ret.)

“Joe Caruso is in a class by himself. His observations of human nature and what drives us is spot on, accurate and incredibly insightful.”

– Regional Sales Manager, Education Publishing

“Many leadership teams have expertise and skills, but as the market changes, leadership teams need to learn to work together and become greater than the sum of their parts. Joe guides leadership through this transformative process to achieve greater success.”

—Nelson Jacobson, Chairman, CEO & President, JSJ Corporation

“Joe can hone in with amazing clarity and precision to the core of what needs to change within an executive and his or her leadership structure. He doesn’t just offer simplistic patch-like solutions, or work solely with a CEO as a coach. Joe bridges the gap to include organizational development, shifting ways of thinking through all levels of leadership. He’s about impact and like no one else I’ve worked with, he gets it.”

– McKeel Hagerty, CEO, The Hagerty Group, LLC (named a Great Place to Work® in FORTUNE Magazine)

“The biggest challenge in helping an organization make a transition is getting the top people to transition themselves. I’ve watched Joe Caruso get high powered, successful, smart and self-assured people to listen and even change their minds. This makes him a CEO’s greatest asset.”

— Alex Burkulas, CEO, Cygnus Systems, Inc.

“Joe helped us redefine our challenges as a family-run business and opened us up to new solutions that we had not considered before. This shift in perspective was the starting point for explosive growth and success in our organization, as we expanded to become a national chain”

—Paul Weller, President, Weller Truck Parts

“As I prepared to navigate my company through a period of change and planned growth, Joe provided the compass and direction to keep us on course and create maximum impact so the leadership team and entire organization embraced the change and got behind the vision.”

—Mark Lancaster, President & CEO, Employment Group

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