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“You were the keynote speaker at the American Marketing Association over a decade ago[…] During that talk you made a statement that I’ve used often since: “The greatest desire in human life isn’t the desire to be loved, the greatest desire in human life is the desire to be right.” Since then I’ve found numerous opportunities to drop this in to the conversation, whether for business, in the classroom, or for sermons. The statement always gets a reaction. Thanks for sharing with us then and now.”

–Eddie Bryant, VP Marketing at FMB Advertising

“Joe’s ability to capture and hold his audience’s attention is second to none. The powerful combination of his personal story and corporate insights can drive sustainable change throughout an organization. He’s definitely NOT your average Joe!”

–Barbara Beck, Executive Vice President, US and Canadian Operations, Manpower, Inc.

“…For the next hour, Caruso held the audience in thrall with his unique mix of inspiration and advice, a message he spreads 180 days a year at corporate seminars and conventions around the world…Charismatic and driven, he could be on the cusp of stardom in the multi-billion dollar motivational business…Yet his own motivation seems to run deeper than wealth and fame. To hear him tell it, his success is a byproduct of an insatiable need to share the lessons of his own remarkable life…”

– Bill Vlasic, Pulitzer Prize-nominated author, Excerpt from article in Detroit News

“After seeing Joe at my association meeting, I knew we needed him to talk with our group. Joe gave the perfect message in a meaningful and unforgettable way. He’s one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard.”

– Denise McGraw, Time Warner Cable, Inc.

“Joe’s inspirational and motivating message to over 3,000 educators was not only well received, but earned him a standing ovation at the end. His message of courage, that one person can make a difference, and hope and change resonated with our audience and helped prepare them for the challenges they will face everyday in the schools they will return to.”

– Mike Eason, Florida Education Technology Conference

“I walked away from that [annual sales] meeting so empowered by what I had learned about myself…our hotel went from the bottom of our company to the top in Guest Service Scores. We received several awards and recognition for our efforts. I have grown so much as an individual, both personally and professionally. Thank you for helping me so much.”

– Glena Zimmerman, Director of Sales, Holiday Inn

“I’ve never seen such an impact from a one-day program. I didn’t think people could change the way they have. What’s even more impressive is that the change is lasting.”

– Jonathan Holtzman, CEO, The Village Green Companies

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