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What Members Are Saying


“I saw you speak at an EO event in Detroit. I purchased your audio book, and I’d just like to say thank you. I am a dad to 18 month old twins, a husband, a family man, and an entrepreneur.   (Your words have helped me change the order of how I would have written the previous sentence by the way.)  Because of you I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have had to step back and tell myself I can’t control the situation, only influence it.  Maybe it’s both kids screaming at the same time, or it’s rush hour traffic, whatever it is, the approach you teach is priceless. I’ve even caught myself saying it out loud, “I can’t control this.” Thank You.”

–Mark V. Sliman, President, Duraflow Industries, Inc.

“This book shifted my perspectives about “Control”. It’s one of those books that I come across once in a while that makes an impact on how I work, think and live.”

– Ivan Chew, Librarian (, Singapore

“Power of Losing Control has served as a great platform for years for us at the bank. From the executive VP’s to the part-time tellers, [Joe has] helped my people define what they can control, let go of what they can’t, and find their power in the process. I get excited and a little proud every time I hear that another member of YPO has brought [Joe] in to work with their organization…I really believe that ’The Power of Losing Control’ will put [Joe] in the leagues of Steven Covey.”

–Bob Taylor, President and CEO, Charter Bank (YPO Member)

“Joe Caruso offers powerful insight that are straightforward and easy to put to work in our everyday life to create meaningful change.”

–Gerald G. Jampolsky, Author of Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All and Love Is Letting Go of Fear

“Joe Caruso’s concept about The Power of Losing Control absolutely establishes the basis for individual and organizational transformation. I believe Caruso is on the brink of leading corporate America through a shift in approach that hasn’t been seen since the ’7 Habits.’”

–Rick Vlasic, Chairman and CEO, O/E Learning

“I have been reading business and self-help books for years.  I prefer them on tape as I am a runner. I recently enjoyed listening to Joe Caruso’s The Principles of Authentic Power.  It is by far my favourite yet—and I’ve heard the best.”

– Esther G. Cepeda, Syndicated Columnist

“Changing one’s perspective can be the key to enhancing personal and corporate performance. Joe provides the tools that will help you enrich your personal life.”

– Paul Bisaro, Executive Chairman, Allergan

“12 Steps to Effective Meetings works so well to improve meetings, we bought a copy for each manager.”

– Employee Relations Manager, Ford Motor Company

“I love this book – what a difference it makes. 12 Steps to Effective Meetings has helped me be more effective.”

– Barbara Ludt, President, Letter Perfect

“The special section on Conflict Resolution [in 12 Steps to Effective Meetings] should be required reading for everyone!”

– Kyle Stack, President, Association of Wayne County Clerks

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