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Books by Joe Caruso
The Power of Losing Control personal development books cover

The Power of Losing Control

The Power of Losing Control by Joe Caruso is a best-seller in 6 languages and has been recognized as one of the top books for personal development. World-renowned expert Joe Caruso was named one of the 50 Most Influential Minds in Personal Development, and both Joe and his books have been heralded by psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts as leading authorities on individual and organizational behavior.


The Power of Losing Control has touched millions of people, both in their personal and professional lives. Written in Joe’s warm personal style with stories that help you shift your perspective, this book will help you learn how to find the power in any situation, even though you don’t have control over it.

Our willingness to acknowledge the things we cannot control, and focus our energy on those things we can influence, is inextricably linked to our happiness and success in life. Based on years of study of the greatest philosophers, thinkers and psychoanalytic experts of all time and inspired by a battle with cancer at a young age, author Joe Caruso distills the essence of the simple, common, timeless human truths elemental to our existence in this very enjoyable book. 

Written in Joe’s warm, engaging style, The Power of Losing Control offers unique, valuable, and usable insights and strategies to living a meaningful and satisfying life. While many self-help and personal development books deal with external strategies, like time-management or setting priorities, this book goes straight to the source—our inner selves—and points out some of the simplest strategies and insights can have the biggest impact, such as Ten Attitudes and Ideas to Let Go Of, the Four Rules of Engagement, and the Five Stages of Wisdom. “We are the stories we tell ourselves we are,” and Caruso clearly embraces his approaches in his own life, making this book a credible, reliable way to help shift our perspective and open our eyes to our own reality. A great book to listen to.

The Principles of Authentic Power personal development audiobook cover

The Priniciples of
Authentic Power

Learn the art of strategic surrender and get more of what you want with half the effort. This audiobook shows you the best way to obtain happiness. The present moment is all we really have, and Joe will teach you how to live each and every moment to the fullest.

A leader in personal development, this compelling audio program has over five hours of authentic power teachings by Joe Caruso, author of multiple powerful books and named one of the 50 Most Influential Minds in Personal Development.

At the root of Joe's work is the understanding that despite the fact that we live in a high-tech world designed to organize and structure our lives down to the last detail, the world we live in is also out of control. Despite any illusions, we actually have no control over anything—except ourselves and the way we react to the events of our lives. Therein lies authentic power. Developing authentic power lies in the wisdom of making clear distinctions between what you can control, what you can merely influence, and what you need to simply accept. When we stop wasting energy trying to make the world and other people be the way we want them to be, we can tap into that energy and focus it on ways that will give us more peace, happiness, and personal satisfaction.

In The Principles of Authentic Power, you'll learn:

  • How to find power in every situation, even if you don't have control over it.

  • The Five Steps to Wisdom and how to make them work for you.

  • The Four Rules of Engagement - how to make connections that count.

  • Why we are the stories we tell ourselves we are.

  • The power of context - how a shift in perception can alleviate any negativity.

  • The greatest antidote to fear and how to use it.

  • How possessing authentic power is linked to our willingness to let go.

  • Choosing your battles wisely and recognizing the ones you were never meant to win.

  • Control vs. influence in your primary and secondary worlds.

  • Achieving true peace by letting go of 10 debilitating attitudes.

  • Cherishing the chase as much as the trophy.

  • How to leave a great legacy.

Success Strategies by Joe Caruso publication cover

Success Strategies

This book provides step-by-step readings to help achieve happiness and success in your personal life. Gain direction and guidance for each of Joe’s popular success strategies of life's simple truths.

Joe Caruso's books for personal development have touched millions of lives through the years. Joe consistently helps even the most disaffected workforce measurably improve its productivity and effectiveness by helping individuals bridge the gap between what they know and what they do. Joe is committed to studying and understanding the process of human excellence, and teaching those elements with the most powerful and effective training methods and tools available.

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Although others may be able to correctly determine that we have succeeded at a specific task, no one can correctly and definitively determine our success in our lives except ourselves. 

Success lies in our attitude toward life and ourselves. Each aspect of success and every one of the Success Strategies involve elements that we can control. We decide each day to be successful.

Some Strategies include:

- Be more passionate about solutions than problems.

- Everyone’s perception is their reality.

- Happiness is a by-product, not an end-product.

- Know that true power is learning to respond, rather than react.

12 Steps to Effective Meetings organizational development book cover

12 Steps to Effective Meetings

Meetings are expensive! The opportunity costs include time, salaries, missed opportunities and fall-out from poor communication. 

Joe Caruso is known for his ability to consistently generate more power and fulfillment in the workplace, improve communication and management, accelerate the elements of success and dramatically improve sales.

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According to middle and senior managers, up to 50% of all meetings are considered useless and ineffective. Yet more meetings occur today than ever before in modern history. This book will help you save valuable time and resources while increasing your enjoyment level and productivity. The information is designed to be simple and address the most common causes of boring, ineffective and useless meetings. Everyone can apply the proven ideas, techniques, tips and rules.

While modern technology has provided us with more ways to communicate with each other than ever before, all too often this has resulted in more time-wasting ineffective communication. This is why the first rule in chapter one is, "If there is any way to avoid a so."

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