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Helping people to let go of one way of thinking requires a compelling,​ new​ way of thinking. This isn’t just training, it isn't just executive coaching, and isn't just leadership advisory. It isn’t just an information dump. It’s a thought-out, deliberate, and proven process developed by leadership expert Joe Caruso.

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Employee Retention Program

At Caruso Leadership we’ve developed the most simple, effective way to prevent this expensive problem.


Our program is highly customized and is a three-step process that includes an initial assessment, an objective analysis and a simple plan that will address the problem for one tenth of the cost it takes to replace an employee.


The foundation of the plan is based on our expertise on how individual minds and collective minds think and behave, and how cultures are created.

Now Available in Audiobook Format 

Revised & Expanded! 

The Power of Losing Control by Joe Caruso is a best-seller in 6 languages, and has touched millions of people both in their personal and professional lives.

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Our Mission at Caruso Leadership

Caruso Leadership's goal is to effectively help other people achieve their goals and enjoy the process. We learned 25 years ago that businesses operate as a collective mindset. When we understand how the individual mind works, we can take the same principles that link meaning, behavior, and outcome in an individual mind and apply them to the collective mind of the organization.

The process creates change and improves outcomes every time for one simple reason, our work is based on the natural way that all human beings function. It's proven to identify the core issues preventing business breakthroughs and to guide organizations through to an optimized outcome where all contributors get behind the vision.

Helping people let go of one way of thinking requires a compelling,​ new​ way of thinking. It isn’t just training. It isn’t just an information dump. It’s a thought-out, deliberate, and proven process. And Caruso Leadership does it best.



Today, CEOs, Admirals, Generals, and leaders of the most prestigious businesses and organizations in the world have called on Caruso Leadership for executive advisory and coaching, as well as leadership and organizational development.

Caruso Leadership Community

When re-contextualizing a “problem” as simply the distance between what is and what should be, it allows for the mind to entertain possibilities which may not have previously seemed feasible.  Signing up to our free Caruso Leadership Community will give you access to a unique array of services to help identify problems and assist in bridging those gaps. 


Whether these problems are related to business productivity, mindfulness, or interpersonal relationships, Caruso Leadership has an ever growing library of video resources and exercises to challenge one’s thinking and promote personal growth and confidence.

Joe Caruso is a renowned expert on the individual and collective mind. He focuses on how meaning drives behavior and creates outcomes for individuals and entire organizations. Based on a lifetime of study and work with hundreds of organizations worldwide, he is called upon by leaders to help facilitate dynamic change by uncovering the meaning > behavior > outcome process innate to every individual mind and every collective organization.


Founder of Caruso Leadership


Executive Coaching Testimonials


"Joe helped us redefine our challenges as a family-run business and opened us up to new solutions that we had not considered before. This shift in perspective was the starting point for explosive growth and success in our organization, as we expanded to become a national chain."

Paul Weller - President Weller Truck Parts

Clients and Partners

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