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The Power of Losing Control

By: Joe Caruso

The Power of Losing Control is a best-seller in 6 languages, and has touched millions of people both in their personal and professional lives. Written in Joe’s warm personal style with stories that help you shift your perspective, this book will help you learn how to find the power in any situation, even though you don’t have control over it.

Success Strategies

By: Joe Caruso

This book provides step-by-step readings to help achieve happiness and success in your personal life. Gain direction and guidance for each of Joe’s popular success strategies, such as:

- Be more passionate about solutions than problems.

- Everyone’s perception is their reality.

- Happiness is a by-product, not an end-product.

- Know that true power is learning to respond, rather than react.

The Principles of Authentic Power (Audiobook)

By: Joe Caruso

With over five hours of authentic power teachings by Joe Caruso, you'll learn:


How to find power in every situation, even if you don’t have control over it.

- The greatest antidote to fear and how to use it. How possessing authentic power is linked to our willingness to let go.

- Control vs. influence in your primary and secondary worlds.

12 Steps to Effective Meetings

By: Joe Caruso

The ultimate HR or hiring manager’s handbook for helping employees make the best of use of their time with tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid when running meetings. This short, easy-to-read guide should be required reading for every new hire, or use for your own individual growth and improvement.

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