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Thank You!

As a special thank you, Joe is pleased to offer a free digital copy of his book, The Power of Losing Control.  

In addition to being a nationally acclaimed author and keynote speaker, Joe consults with companies such as McGraw-Hill and Henry Ford Healthy System, and works with organizations like the American Cancer Society and the United States Navy.  These organizations engage Caruso Leadership to grow and transform their businesses through organizational development, leadership training, and strategic planning.  Powerful CEOs, Admirals, and Leadership Teams around the world rely on Joe for his unique insights.

The Power of Losing Control

By: Joe Caruso

The Power of Losing Control by Joe Caruso has been published and is a best-seller in 6 languages, and has a perfect 5-star average on Amazon. Due to intense demand we’re gearing up for our 11th reprint, but the Power of Losing Control is available right now as an eBook! World-renowned expert Joe Caruso was named one of the 50 Most Influential Minds in Personal Development, and is heralded by psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts as one of the leading authorities on individual and organizational behavior.


The Power of Losing Control has touched millions of people, both in their personal and professional lives. Written in Joe’s warm personal style with stories that help you shift your perspective, this book will help you learn how to find the power in any situation, even though you don’t have control over it.

For Businesses and Business Leaders to use the concepts from the book for success in business, find free content on the following concepts:


For Individuals interested in personal development, we have more about the following concepts:

“Why Are We So Compelled To Control” (3:29)

“Letting Go Of Anger” (5:28)

“Letting Go Of Debilitating Myths and Definitions” (6:03)

“Steps 4 and 5 – Experience and Commitment” (7:52)

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