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1. An exclusive gathering of elite individuals in an environment which is conducive to learning and growth. 

"At Caruso Leadership, we don't go on retreats, we go forward. Being that we enter each stage of life as a novice, we can’t use our past as an anchor and it should not determine how we grow. A retreat is a reference point in our past, with only a portion of it focused on growth."


"A forward can provide pivotal thinking that can be one small step for man and a giant leap for organizations.  When the path to success is blocked for one or more aspects of our lives, we can often times feel stuck, and strategy to success to move forward."


You're never a tourist when you travel with the Carusos.

This week-long, immersive Italian experience is focused on interrupting the patterns and unexamined ways of thinking in our daily lives to open your mind to the potential of your future.

Having traveled to the Tuscany region of Italy more than 15 times together, Joe and Carol Caruso have carefully curated an exclusive and authentic Italian experience unlike any other for their guests.  Flexible scheduling offers access to local gems, introductions to owners of the best restaurants in the region, unlisted tours of art galleries, and more.  Attendees can spend their days however they choose, and there are no requirements to attend any of the offered group activities.  

Villa Ivana will serve as a home base throughout the week, and guests will have access to one-on-one time with Joe to talk about pain points in their business, relationships, or simply for recommendations on where to take a personal excursion that piques their interests. 

"For over 25 years, I've done retreats for organizations.  I don't even like the concept of a retreat.  The concept is to retreat...and I'm a forward guy.  I almost died of cancer...I had to look forward!

The only way to really learn about yourself is to have an objective other help you understand yourself."  - Joe Caruso

Villa Ivana with the Carusos':
An Exclusive Tuscan Experience

September 25th - October 2nd, 2021

Cortona, Italy

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Forwards of the Past:

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Available Excursions To:

About Villa Ivana

Florence | Montepulciano | Orvieto | and more


Villa Ivana is a magnificent 17th century residence located just a short distance from the town center of Cortona in Tuscany.  The property underwent renovation in 2013 and sits on more than 10,000 sq feet of land which can accommodate events of up to 200 people.  The large swimming pool and well-manicured grounds create an ideal setting to experience rural Tuscany, while also providing modern amenities and comfort for its guests.

Villa Ivana 1.jpeg

Paid Services Upon Request:

  • Massage therapy sessions

  • All transportation needs (train, bus, rental cars, etc)

  • Museum, gallery, and winery tours

  • Meals and accommodations outside of Villa Ivana

What's Included:

  • Seven days + six nights at Villa Ivana

  • A coming together of great minds in business, psychoanalysis, and philanthropy

  • An exclusive six-course, group dinner prepared by Tuscany's finest personal chef

  • Available kitchen and two refrigerators with basic staples provided 

  • European-style, self-serve breakfast available each morning

  • Access to an unlisted, private tour of the Uffizi Gallery guided by Florence's finest docent

  • Flexibility to create your own excursions with guidance from Joe & Carol Caruso and their 15+ years of experiences and relationships fostered in the region

  • Two-hour programs each morning lead by Joe

  • One-on-one time in the afternoons with Joe

  • Nightly dancing in the portico

  • A never before seen excerpt from Joe Caruso's upcoming book 

  • Introductions to restaurant owners, chefs, trattoria-mamas, etc

  • A Joe Caruso-led writing workshop focused on how to express yourself in a way that communicates your thoughts most effectively 

  • A Joe Caruso-led cooking class 

*attendance is optional for all experiences

About Joe Caruso

Joe Caruso is a renowned expert on the individual and collective mind. He focuses on how meaning drives behavior and creates outcomes for individuals and entire organizations. Based on a lifetime of study and work with hundreds of organizations worldwide, he is called upon by leaders to help facilitate dynamic change by uncovering the meaning > behavior > outcome process innate to every individual mind and every collective organization.

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