Joe Caruso, renowned author of The Power of Losing Control, which hit the CEO best-seller list and produced a PBS special of the same name, is available to the media for interviews, panels, and audio or written commentary topics of leadership and success, in particular, how the mind affects outcome.

At 18, when faced with incurable cancer, Joe decided to commit whatever time he had left to studying life and learning what he calls the simple, common, timeless, human truths. Now over 25 years later, his life’s work has culminated in leading the field in understanding how individuals and organizations think, and how that knowledge can ultimately change and dramatically improve outcomes.

Joe is an authority on transforming individuals, leaders, organizations and companies to produce better results. Joe is a frequent keynote speaker, a syndicated columnist, and a sought-after business advisor who provides unique insights on the fundamental process of how and why perception, meaning, and behavior determine outcomes.

Joe’s engaging style and affable manner draw from a wealth of experiences and life stories in subject areas ranging from personal growth and change to success in transforming companies struggling to evolve.


Inside the mind of leaders: influence, perception, negotiation, setting and achieving goals

Outcome-focused processes (or, how the mind affects business, how we get in our own way)

The Four Rules of Engagement: why everyone believes they are right; why we’d rather be right, than happy

Optimizing growth within and across businesses

Organizational and cultural development and change

Value/cost revaluations

Cycles of a start-up company: identifying and overcoming obstacles, founder’s syndrome, etc.

How to maximize market connection: Perception, Plan, Performance. Most people start with performance – Caruso Leadership starts with Perception.

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